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Shingle roof

Lambert Roofing  offers various types of roofs: copper, membrane, slate,  shingles, metal roofing.

The shingle roof type is an excellent barrier against weather systems. Generally composed of organic or non-organic materials (Lambert uses fiber glass paper shingles). Shingle roofs are very popular due the ease of installation and lower cost compared to other roof materials ex: Slates, copper. Shock and rot resistant, it is the most common of all types of roofs. Currently the market offers different styles, patterns, and colors. Due to the weather conditions in Montreal and surrounding areas, roofs in general should be looked at every 5-7 years for maintenance purposes.

Lambert’s shingle roofing services include roof repair, leak repair service, roof replacement, roof installation & more.

Lambert roofing bring you comfort, energy savings and a unique peace of mind.

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