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Enjoy the Best Masonry and Bricklaying Service in Montreal.

We have one of the best masonry & bricklaying technicians to carry out all your masonry needs in Montreal. Lambert has over 55 years of experience and capable of dealing with almost any kind of brick or stone wall problem.

Masonry services include:

  • Brick walls repair and/or stone walls repair, re-pointing. Installation of bricks or stones.
  • Rebuilding of a brick wall and stone wall or chimney.

Maintain Your Home’s Brick or Stone Exterior 

Lambert is experienced in working with brick and stone exterior. We replace stone or brick when damaged or shaling, we repoint and relay stone and brick for a new look to your chimney, wall and firebox interiors.

Your home’s exterior is your first line of defence against water damage. If your home bricks are not properly maintained, water can penetrate your home’s exterior and cause foundation damage, leading to costly repairs.

Our expert masonry technicians can help you keep your brickwork in top condition so your home will be safe for years to come. We offer the top bricklaying, stone wall, and brick wall repairs, and other masonry services Montreal homes need to stand tall for years to come. Contact us for a Masonry and Bricklaying estimation or repair services today.

How to Tell If Your Masonry or Brickwork Needs Attention

Cracked or bowing bricks on your home’s exterior or interior are both signs that it is time to get your masonry inspected. Bowing bricks at your home’s exterior walls may be a sign that water is getting in behind the bricks making the brick wall start to detach itself from the house. Cracks at bricks are normal due to natural expansion caused by weather but if the bricks are not looked after, water can get in the brick and can cause damage to the interior walls. It can also have an effect on the mortar. Water damage can lead to different issues as in mold and mildew on the interior walls, foundation issues along with the above. Once you notice this on your bricks, you should call for an estimation.

How Our Masonry Services Work

Step 1: Get an Estimate

If you notice your masonry could use some attention or want new brickwork installed, give us a call. We will examine your current structure and discuss your options.

Step 2: Enjoy Expert Service

Our certified masonry technicians have years of experience and are committed to providing the highest level of craftsmanship combined with courteous service.

Step 3: Get Peace of Mind

When you work with the best, you can rest easy knowing your home is protected from water damage.

What Our Customers Are Saying

I was very impressed with the quality and efficiency of the work carried out by both Patrick and his team.

Cornelia P

How Much Do Our Bricklaying and Masonry Services Cost in Montreal?

We tailor each service to the exact needs of our clients. Give us a call to schedule your masonry & bricklaying estimation.

Schedule Your Masonry Service Today

If you own a home in Montreal and are concerned about your brickwork, give us a call. We are happy to help you keep your home safe.

Our Certifications

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