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Lambert’s slate roofing services include roof repair, leak repair service, roof replacement, roof installation & more.

The slate roof, a natural stone used for centuries for roofing is ideal for slopes greater than 45 degrees, however, it can be easily adapted to practically all types of roofs. It is durable, with incomparable durability which varies between 75 and 150 years. Fireproof and rot-proof, it is highly resistant to elements (rain, snow, burning sun, etc.) and temperature changes and is also an efficient insulator. In addition, the slate is considered to be the noblest and most elegant.

The natural slate is a schistose rock, coming from quarries it is cut and polished in tiles afterward. Each quarry produces its own slate with different characteristics. Some quarries are known for their solid slate, others for their flexibility and finesse. Our advice: it would be good to hire a roofer to make the choice of your slate. In all cases, the natural slate is considered a good investment. Moreover, the slate is ecological and recognized for its charm and elegance. It retains its original color over the years. It has very few disadvantages: it is a bit heavy and has poor resistance to impacts. Its installation is done solely by professionals which adds more cost.

Lambert roofing brings you comfort, energy savings, and a unique peace of mind.

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