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roofing and roof repair Montreal

Lambert roofing services.

50years-smWhether replacing an existing roof, repairing, maintaining a roof or a roof inspection is required, look to Lambert to do the job.

Quality, reliability and customer satisfaction is our goal every time. A team with over 25 years of experience will get the job done!

If you live in Montréal, you should think about roofing which is resistant to temperature changes, frost, thaw and sun. Of course we research facilities of the highest standards of quality, sustainable roofing with optimum efficiency but also aesthetic.

When deal with it? The most appropriate would be to do it on sunny days with moderate temperature. Spring is the perfect time and it comes soon.  It is time to take a look at your roof.

Established in 1964, this family owned company oversees roof work in the following:
  • Copper
  • Slates
  • Metal

Copper roofing services:
The Copper roof is made from a lightweight material that does not weigh down the roof, allowing the house to carry heavy loads on the roof as a heavy snowfall. This is a material resistant to high wind and moisture. Being smooth and free of porosity surface, it prevents the development of mosses and lichens. In addition it gives the roof an appearance that is not lost over time because it is tinged with gray-green which gives it even more cachet.

Slate roofing services.
The Slate roof, made from a natural stone used for centuries for roofing is ideal for slopes greater than 45 degrees. It is durable, fireproof and rot highly resistant to the elements and temperature changes. In addition, the slate is ecologically and recognized by its charm and elegance.

Metal roofing services.
The Metal roof coating may vary but it has common benefits: durable, lightweight, and fire and wind resistant. Exceptionally beautiful, it requires no maintenance, will never rust nor deform, and excludes mosses and lichens.

Lambert roofing brings you comfort, energy savings and a unique peace of mind.

Please contact us for a roofing estimation.


Never seen a team work so well, they came, they did an amazing job on my roof and left the jobsite clean and proper. Would recommend them to anybody.

Mr. Singer, from Montreal

Quality workmanship, I love Pat Lambert and his team

Mrs Wexler, from NDG

Professionally done and with a team that will take the time to explain what the work entails, so that you understand what is being done to your roof

Mdm Blanchette , from Montreal

Our Certifications

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