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Check this before and after retrofit.  This a classic for Montreal where regulations here prevent usage of a brick wood burning fireplace.  Actually, practically all bungalows in this suburb has this type of fireplace (2,000 to 3,000 homes).

In this case, a fireplace in the middle of home, the décor was striped leaving core of brick fireplace.  Chimney, that was in middle of roof and in poor shape, was taken down.

Foyer Lambert are specialists in masonry chimney repair, roofing and of course a proud Valor dealer of over 25 years were the perfect professionals for this job.

A Valor 700MN was installed using indoor part of chimney,  roof was repaired and a standard 46DVA termination was installed. 

This is the classic business case for energetic transition for municipalities, utility companies and environmental well being.  To add to this; last weekend there was a planned electricity cut off of 8 hours … this home stayed warm!

 Valor 700MN