Lambert’s services: roofing, chimney, masonry and fireplace. Lambert repairs, build new or rebuild brick chimneys, fireplaces, hearths and wall (including stone walls), residential roof repair.

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Why roof inspection and roof maintenance

The importance of a roof inspection and roof maintenance. A roof inspection is one of those preventative maintenances that should become a yearly habit. The roof is the important part of your house. Rain, wind, snow, trees, insects and poor roof maintenance all contribute to leaks and roof damage. If not addressed early, the damage

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Roof repair for various types of roofs in Montreal

Lambert roofing services in Montreal cover various types of roofs: copper, membrane, slate, shingles, metal. Copper roof repair in Montreal: The Copper roof comes in the form of sheets which vary in width and thickness. It is a lightweight material that does not weigh down the roof allowing the house to carry heavy loads

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