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Membrane roofing

Lambert’s membrane roofing services include roof repair, leak repair service, roof replacement, roof installation & more.

The Membrane roof that we offer is ideal, especially for flat roofs. Weather and insect resistant, these roofs do not rot and require little to no maintenance, unlike the tar and gravel roofs. The elastomer is the traditional coating for flat roofs in Canada because it can be used for almost any weather. Bilayer, thus resistant it is used as a sealing under a green roof. The roofs of multilayer membranes fight against heat islands.

These roofs provide longevity of 20 to 30 years and are especially popular for commercial, industrial, duplexes, and triplexes but can be used on smaller flat roof homes.

Lambert’s membrane roofing services include roof repair, leak repair service, roof replacement, roof installation & more.

The Advantages of a Membrane roof over an Asphalt roof.

An asphalt/gravel roof, getting a proper seal at all seams and connection points would be difficult, making it prone to leaks during the lifetime of the roof and would require more maintenance.

When a membrane roof is installed it can either be a seamless roof (depending on different applications)or have seams as strong as the application. This removes most problems with a leaky roof. There may also be a problem with locating a leak on an asphalt roof. The membrane application can be repaired easily because breaks and leaks(if any) are easier to locate.

Asphalt roofs have a layer of gravel on top of it to not expose the asphalt to the sun which would have the asphalt expand and contract. Also, asphalt needs to have weight on it to hold it down because of the constant movement due to the asphalt sitting on the roof and not be attached to the roof.

With a membrane roof system, the materials used resist expansion, contraction, and rays from the sun. Also, because the membrane is attached to the roof, if they were to contract or expand, the seams(if any)  are strong seams that would avoid leaking and/or breaks in the seams.

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