Metal roofing Montreal

Metal roofing

Lambert Roofing offers various types of roofs: copper, membrane, slate, shingles, metal roofing.

The metal roof coating may vary but it has common benefits: durable, lightweight, fire and wind resistant. The metal is the lightest and most rigid roof which reduces the stress of weight on the rafters. A metal roof can last more than 70 years, therefore, it is an investment for almost a lifetime.

Exceptionally beautiful, it requires no maintenance, does not rust, does not warp, do not crack, does not rot, and excludes mosses and lichens. A great advantage for having a metal roof is that the sun heats in it in the summer and do not accumulate snow in winter.

Lambert’s metal roofing services include roof repair, leak repair service, roof replacement, roof installation & more.

Lambert roofing brings you comfort, energy savings and a unique peace of mind.

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