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masonry and brickwork

Frontages and masonry. Brickwork.

Professionals in chimneys and roofing, Lambert also offer masonry or brick work:

  • Brick and/or stone walls repair, re-pointing. Installation of bricks or stones.
  • Rebuilding of a brick/stone wall or chimney.

The first lines of defective for your homes are your roofs and your exteriors. If you have your roof checked every couple of years, you should be looking at your bricks too.  It is important to check the condition of the bricks surround your home/building.  By looking at the bricks you can see if they are bowing out, cracking and falling. You should also check to see if the mortar is soft or hard.

Leaks don’t always come from a leaky roof, sometimes leaks come from water infiltration thru the bricks. Soft mortar, shaling bricks etc… cause water infiltration. This infiltration  will cause more (expensive) damage down the road.

Lambert has over 50 years of experience and can deal with almost and kind of brick or stone wall problem.

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